“H E X R O I D” is a unique blend of 3D digital fashion and web3 metaverse experience created by international design award-winning Japanese artist Miyu Nakashima


Metaverse Fashion Game

“H E X R O I D” aims to create a new standard in metaverse experiences. It will not only be a game but also an experimental art project that pushes the boundaries of what is possible in the field of art, digital fashion, and web3 technology. Experience the fusion of innovative architecture, cutting-edge design, and immersive metaverse game elements as you explore the world of “H E X R O I D” and explore the future of art.

Join Miyu Nakashima on this wild journey and explore the possibilities of the metaverse through art and fashion with “H E X R O I D”.


Decentraland Wearable Collection

“Gen_0 Wearable Collection” is the first-ever Hexroid NFT collection created for the Decentraland metaverse. This NFT Collection offers special utilities for the holders, allowing them to not only enhance the appearance of their avatars in the Metaverse but also gain special abilities and boosts in the Hexroid Decentraland Game.


Meet the Team

Miyu Nakashima

Founder, Creator

Japanese artist who creates parametric wearable sculptures, animation projects, and web3 metaverse experiences using her skills in fashion, art, architecture, and 3D printer technology.

Ehtiram Najafov

Founder, 3D Artist

3D Artist and Generalist who has worked in TV, movie, and preschool animation industries, and is now the founder and producer of the HEXROID project for the Decentraland Metaverse

Gokhan Bozdag

Founder, Business Developer

Experienced business developer specializing in scaling startups, essential for HEXROID’s growth through strategic planning, market research, and business development strategies.

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